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Nye relasjoner skapes på Romerike

May 14, 2010

Business Romerike“Business Romerike” er et nettverk for forretningsfolk. Det er for lokale firmaer og for de som har interesse for Romerike og business her… Desimal skal drifte og drive frem facebooksiden til Business Romerike!

Vignetten laget jeg på bakgrunn av Vebjørn Sands representasjon av “The Golden Horn Bridge” – tegnet av Leonardo DaVinci i sin tid, men kun nylig fremstilt over E18 på Ås. Imponerende stykke arbeid… Gratulerer til Ås kommune og Vebjørn Sand!

Leonardo DaVinci beskrev sin “Golden Horn Bridge” som en “Perfect pressed-bow”. Idéen min for å bruke Leonardos bru, kom med inspirasjon fra bruas perfekte design som forteller om veier som krysses i et nettverk der mennesker møtes. Den kom aldri lenger enn til tegnebrettet i Leonardos tid… Men dens forbindelse til møtet mellom mennesker på hver sin side, er spennende. Den har et nettverk av støtteformer. Den spente buen er innovativ, veldesignet og sikker i sin sak. Den tar ingen pause, men den er fremoverlent og engasjert. Lykke til videre med prosjektet i andre verdensdeler Vebjørn! (prosjektet kan følges her)

Sjekk ut Business Romerike på

Friday visit by designstudent

March 14, 2010

I´m sincerely honored when I´m able to give advice or a lending hand to art and designstudents, because they really are our future teamplayers and some will soon enough be our new source of inspiration.

So, on occasion we have students contacting us and stopping by the studio. Like yesterday I had mediastudent, now on his 2nd year, Snorre Glemmestad visiting! He´s taking an interest in commercial marketing strategies. Amongst other stuff… ;)

Snorre Glemmestad portfolio

We had a good talk on marketing with social media and he showed of some of his work. So here´s a little thanks to Snorre Glemmestad for the good talk, a good friday´s inspiration and if you´d like to check out his portfolio just click on the image above.

Produktdesign = økt salg

October 19, 2009

Som forbrukere går vi ubevisst lei av produkter som ikke endrer seg. Det betyr at endring av produktdesign = økt salg. ble det igår sluppet en artikkel om hvordan fiskematprodusenten Lofotprodukt endret logo og byttet etikett og dermed økte salgstallene betraktelig. Det finnes nå flere undersøkelser som tydelig beviser designets makt og potensiale for lønnsomhet. Jeg vil legge til at det gjelder for god bruk av design og ikke hva som helst – man snakker her ikke om reklame men design.

– De aller fleste produkter trenger av og til en forfriskning. Selv en liten endring vil oppfattes av hjernen din, selv om du ikke selv er bevisst endringen. Og en liten endring vil umiddelbart føre til økt salg – kan Skule Storheill i Norsk Designråd fortelle.

Les mer om Norsk Designråds undersøkelser her.

Photoshop 2009 conference

April 25, 2009

The Photoshop conference held in Oslo, Norway 23.04.2009, presented our own Fredrik Dahl Tyskerud (aka dCepT), who held a 50 min lecture on painting with photoshop from a concept artist point of view. Here´s his work captured from the front-row-seat.

Work progress shown in three stages.


Steve Caplin also spoke at the conference. The graphic artist specialising in photomontage illustration. You can read more about Steve Caplin here
Check out his books and also Steves portfolio at

Top 5 applications for creative teams

April 9, 2009

Do you have any favorite creative application you use so please share!
Here is our top 5 list that the team really appreciates when working together.

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Nr.1 – Art Rage –
Classic painting methods in a great design. The way to go when you want to paint digitally with a traditional touch. You can download the starter edition at no cost!

Raging river paint process: A quick sketch was made in Photoshop before jumping over in ArtRage to flesh it out with the oil brush and pallette knife. Smaller, sharper details were done in Photoshop and ArtRage skipping back and forth. Finally a rough texture pass was done in ArtRage and added as an overlay layer in Photoshop to pull together the piece and add a final ”traditional” touch.

Nr. 2 – Google SketchUp –
Create 3D models, modify them, paint it over, get a perspective. Real easy to use. For the creative who is NOT a 3D modeler. Simple interface and just a great FREE application from Google.
”Hidden in plain sight”: Buildings started of as 3D objects created in SketchUp. Ambulance and background people made for placeholders for painting over with in Photoshop.

Nr. 3 – InDesign –
Every designers need-to-own software. This is what you should use for designing professional layouts for print. Putting together typography and images.
Local pub: Design of front and back of barchart done with InDesign. Illustrations used created with Photoshop.

Nr. 4 – Adobe Photoshop –
For image retouchers, designers, concept artists, photographers and many more…
LSK Desimal
Image makeover: We did a concept of enpowering soccerplayers (and coach as in this image) with superpowers. Using our own uniqe techniqe with photographing on greenscreen, using different textures and painting over with Photoshop.

Nr. 5 – Spotify –
SpotifyLast but not least! Ones you´ve tried it you won´t ever look back. Still in Beta, but every team needs music to pump the fuels of the creative multiverse. With Spotify you are never far away from the song you want. All played online without downloadtime.

Spotify also allows you to share songs and playlists with your team, and even work together on collaborative playlists!

Input: Hope you found some new toys here at our top 5 applications. Please leave a comment on your suggestions or input. You may get frequent updates from our artists updates right here.

* All designs copyrighted work of Desimal and the artists.

Richard Solomon answers questions about the art biz

March 4, 2009

No picture this time… just a link to some videos on vimeo.

Richard Solomon is an artist representative for 25 years, and set up an interview with him and the users on the forums. He answers questions on everything from self promotion through style choices to our current economy (seen from an artists point of view). Now he answers the questions looking at it from a single artist’s side of things, what he/she should have in his/her portfolio and so on, but it can easily be applied to a company of artists/creatives, I think, seeing as how the company is a sum of the individual artists working there.

Definately worth a listen! This guy has been around a couple of decades doing what he does ;)

I’ll post some visuals next time, promise… hehe

– dCepT


November 12, 2008

Welcome to the Desimal Play blog!

On here you’ll find everything from finished work, work in progress, ideas, rants and raves and all that jazz.

For example this

Idea and finished image. We did this one for ID Photo for a trade fair they were attending in Germany.

PosterIdeaFinished poster

The final thing came out real nice printed 100x200cm :)

We’re three dudes that’ll be contributing to this thing; Sindre, Stian and myself. The other guys’ll probably be posting under their own names. I’ll probably show up as “desimalgroup” or something… not sure… Oh! I’m Fredrik or dCepT.. whichever you know me as..hehe.. Hope you’ll find something interesting on here as we get our collective asses to posting something.

Stay tuned ya’ll!