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Black and white photography

October 14, 2010

What´s cool about black and white photography? I took this photo last year. I still like it alot so i thought i would post it…
The Challenged - black and white
As you may see, I´ve made an effort to make a man resemble a statue. Inspiration “Statue of David”. Which do you like better?
The Challenged 2


Top 5 applications for creative teams

April 9, 2009

Do you have any favorite creative application you use so please share!
Here is our top 5 list that the team really appreciates when working together.

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Nr.1 – Art Rage –
Classic painting methods in a great design. The way to go when you want to paint digitally with a traditional touch. You can download the starter edition at no cost!

Raging river paint process: A quick sketch was made in Photoshop before jumping over in ArtRage to flesh it out with the oil brush and pallette knife. Smaller, sharper details were done in Photoshop and ArtRage skipping back and forth. Finally a rough texture pass was done in ArtRage and added as an overlay layer in Photoshop to pull together the piece and add a final ”traditional” touch.

Nr. 2 – Google SketchUp –
Create 3D models, modify them, paint it over, get a perspective. Real easy to use. For the creative who is NOT a 3D modeler. Simple interface and just a great FREE application from Google.
”Hidden in plain sight”: Buildings started of as 3D objects created in SketchUp. Ambulance and background people made for placeholders for painting over with in Photoshop.

Nr. 3 – InDesign –
Every designers need-to-own software. This is what you should use for designing professional layouts for print. Putting together typography and images.
Local pub: Design of front and back of barchart done with InDesign. Illustrations used created with Photoshop.

Nr. 4 – Adobe Photoshop –
For image retouchers, designers, concept artists, photographers and many more…
LSK Desimal
Image makeover: We did a concept of enpowering soccerplayers (and coach as in this image) with superpowers. Using our own uniqe techniqe with photographing on greenscreen, using different textures and painting over with Photoshop.

Nr. 5 – Spotify –
SpotifyLast but not least! Ones you´ve tried it you won´t ever look back. Still in Beta, but every team needs music to pump the fuels of the creative multiverse. With Spotify you are never far away from the song you want. All played online without downloadtime.

Spotify also allows you to share songs and playlists with your team, and even work together on collaborative playlists!

Input: Hope you found some new toys here at our top 5 applications. Please leave a comment on your suggestions or input. You may get frequent updates from our artists updates right here.

* All designs copyrighted work of Desimal and the artists.

Magnum “apocalyptic” photography

January 19, 2009

I´ll share this video produced by Magnum photographers. Hope “the team” enjoys..
– They have a hole series called Magnum In Motion, but this spesific video is from a shoot at Wall Street, The New York Stock Exchange in october 2008 – the downfall… I sensed a bit of an apocalyptic atmosphere in these guys faces, and thought of the time before our post apocalyptic project of Lillestrøm (see Fredriks post just below).

By the way, you´ll find a hole lot of great photography at the Magnum photographers site, for those of you that´s not familiar with them.