Photoshop 2009 conference

Posted April 25, 2009 by Stian
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The Photoshop conference held in Oslo, Norway 23.04.2009, presented our own Fredrik Dahl Tyskerud (aka dCepT), who held a 50 min lecture on painting with photoshop from a concept artist point of view. Here´s his work captured from the front-row-seat.

Work progress shown in three stages.


Steve Caplin also spoke at the conference. The graphic artist specialising in photomontage illustration. You can read more about Steve Caplin here
Check out his books and also Steves portfolio at

Illustrations for Fristads Norge

Posted April 9, 2009 by dcept
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Lotsa bloggin’ goin’ on now.. hehe.. Guess me and Stian are on a roll :P

I finished these illustrations right before I went to London. They were used for a presentation of a brand merger for company selling work clothes.. The illustrations were aimed at showing some core values associated with two slightly different brands, and the merger of the two.

I wanted to share a bit of the process with you guys as well, so I’m showing the thumbs too.

Started out doing a few thumbnails that showed the client some options.


We agreed on nr. 2 and 5

The final images were made in Photoshop and ArtRage jumping back and forth a lot. Photoshop for fine detailing and sharper edges, ArtRage for the more impressionistic, rougher parts and a blend of the two emerge.

The final images:




As always: click the images for larger versions :)

Hope you enjoy!

Top 5 applications for creative teams

Posted April 9, 2009 by Stian
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Do you have any favorite creative application you use so please share!
Here is our top 5 list that the team really appreciates when working together.

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Nr.1 – Art Rage –
Classic painting methods in a great design. The way to go when you want to paint digitally with a traditional touch. You can download the starter edition at no cost!

Raging river paint process: A quick sketch was made in Photoshop before jumping over in ArtRage to flesh it out with the oil brush and pallette knife. Smaller, sharper details were done in Photoshop and ArtRage skipping back and forth. Finally a rough texture pass was done in ArtRage and added as an overlay layer in Photoshop to pull together the piece and add a final ”traditional” touch.

Nr. 2 – Google SketchUp –
Create 3D models, modify them, paint it over, get a perspective. Real easy to use. For the creative who is NOT a 3D modeler. Simple interface and just a great FREE application from Google.
”Hidden in plain sight”: Buildings started of as 3D objects created in SketchUp. Ambulance and background people made for placeholders for painting over with in Photoshop.

Nr. 3 – InDesign –
Every designers need-to-own software. This is what you should use for designing professional layouts for print. Putting together typography and images.
Local pub: Design of front and back of barchart done with InDesign. Illustrations used created with Photoshop.

Nr. 4 – Adobe Photoshop –
For image retouchers, designers, concept artists, photographers and many more…
LSK Desimal
Image makeover: We did a concept of enpowering soccerplayers (and coach as in this image) with superpowers. Using our own uniqe techniqe with photographing on greenscreen, using different textures and painting over with Photoshop.

Nr. 5 – Spotify –
SpotifyLast but not least! Ones you´ve tried it you won´t ever look back. Still in Beta, but every team needs music to pump the fuels of the creative multiverse. With Spotify you are never far away from the song you want. All played online without downloadtime.

Spotify also allows you to share songs and playlists with your team, and even work together on collaborative playlists!

Input: Hope you found some new toys here at our top 5 applications. Please leave a comment on your suggestions or input. You may get frequent updates from our artists updates right here.

* All designs copyrighted work of Desimal and the artists.

Creature concept – Yes, it’s ArtRage again

Posted April 8, 2009 by dcept
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Hey gals and guys! Just wanted to pop in and post another concept art piece.  Started out as me wanting to paint a crab (don’t ask why.. I really don’t know.. haha), and sometime while I was painting it I figured if a crab was huge it’d make for a good war “vehicle”. So there ya go. As always; click the image for larger version.


It’s done in ArtRage primarily, and photoshop for details and tweaks. On a slight sidenote we bought ArtRage at the office today to get the full 2.5 version! I was mad stoked to get thinners for my paint and access to the cool reference image function and all the little touches I lacked in the free version!

– dCepT/Fredrik

10 ideas for Using Twitter for Business

Posted April 5, 2009 by Stian
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First Steps
1. Build an account and immediate start using Twitter Search to listen for your name, your competitor’s names, words that relate to your trade (Listening always comes first…).
2. Add a picture. We want to see you.
3. Talk to people about THEIR interests, too. I know this doesn’t sell more widgets, but it shows us you’re human.
4. Point out interesting things in your space, not just about you.
5. Share links to neat things in your community ( @wholefoods does this well ).
6. Don’t get stuck in the apology loop. Be helpful instead.
7. Be wary of always pimping your stuff. Your fans will love it. Others will tune out.
8. Promote your employees’ outside-of-work stories.
9. Throw in a few humans, like RichardAtDELL, LionelAtDELL, etc.
10. Talk about non-business, too… Spice it up.

You can read 40 more ideas on Twitter for business at Chris Brogans blog, here.

Also check out this great, short article on “To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Sosiale medier i bruk hos Desimal.

Posted March 26, 2009 by Stian
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Hei Alle sammen. Noen tanker og erfaringer fra bruk av, fordi jeg har tro på dette mediet som kommunikasjonskanal og nettverks-verktøy, et verktøy som for tiden er i full blomstring. Les også 10 tips for å bruke twitter i business sammenheng her.

Jeg har over bare et par korte uker satt meg inn i, og brukt Twitter. Jeg har ikke vært alene her på studio om å gi det et forsøk.
På Twitter skriver man meldinger, liknende sms-meldinger, som går ut til alle som følger din profil på Twitter. Man er bundet til 140 tegn i hver melding, så det passer for de kortfattede. Men har man mange man følger betyr ikke det at alle meldinger trenger å leses da strømmen av meldinger går konstant, og er en del av en dynamisk samtale. Vår konklusjon er at Twitter har en lav terskel for bruk, og krever mindre av deg enn andre sosiale medier som facebook og LinkedIn (erstatter ikk andre medier).

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Playin’ around with process

Posted March 17, 2009 by dcept
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Aight ya’ll… I’m still experimenting with ArtRage and figured I’d share with you guys, so you get some sort of idea of the progress as I move along.. hehe…

I’ve been slightly more in photoshop on this one… it’s still like 95% ArtRage, but I’ve played around with some adjustments layers and layer masks in PS.. trying to get the best of both worlds.. we’ll see where I end up goin’ with this… Just really enjoying the process as it is now… hehe.. Click for larger version!


Did you guys find the videos in the last post interesting?

Here’s a video that’s on from comic artist Scott Mccloud on the evolution of comics: He’s got some interesting theories.. from ancient to modern and beyond and what we might improve with the format we’re used to today. Presented with lotsa visuals for us that like pretty pictures :D

Oh… me and Stian are now on Twitter if you guys are into that kinda thing :)