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Finished concept art, my workstation and street art

June 17, 2009

Hey guys!

Got a thought that maybe I’d show my workstation at work (which I’ve finally gotten around to keeping in a relative state of tidy-ness..haha), some finished work like I promised in the last post and a piece of street art I saw around town the other day!

I’ll start our with my station.. I’ve added notes on there so you can see on the picture instead of me rambling on. Click for larger picture (sorry about the crappy cellphone camera quality.. it was the closest camera with the least hassle.. hehe)


And here’s the piece that’s on the screen. It’s a concept art/moodboard piece I did for a company called Design Haircare. This is a Naiad from greek mythology. They’re dieties (spelling correct? Plural of “diety”?) that dwell in water. Being connected to their place of water, they die if the water dries out. This particular one resides in a sacred pool.


Ok, and now for something I didn’t do myself, but I thought it was kinda cool. I’m a sucker for stencils and street art, so I snapped a picture of this one while walking around town:


I have no idea who the artist is, and I’m guessing if I knew, he wouldn’t have wanted me to go public with his name.. haha.. If the artist sees this though: Dig your work!

Oh.. in other news I was interviewed by Dee Wilcox over at Creative Perch a little while back! Click to jump over there and read it!